Juli Connolly, BS, CNA

Juli Connolly BS, CNA

Juli is a licensed CNA for St. Mary’s Hospital and she uses her personal experiences to understand a person’s need to mentally and physically conquer roadblocks to their health. She is also a recent graduate who obtained her Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science from Colorado Mesa University along with obtaining a wide range of certifications in functional fitness and flexibility programs.

Juli has always been a competitive athlete. As far back as high school, she competed in short and long course swimming, as well as track and field events. As she has grown older, Juli has adapted her physical fitness routine to include weightlifting, kickboxing, yoga, ballet, cycling, swimming, hiking and her favorite Spartan obstacle races.

In her late 40’s, Juli decided she had to forge her own trail for fitness. She had been fighting a battle with Neuropathy in her feet and legs for years and tried every form of stretching and physical activity that would provide any relief from the pain and discomfort. But what she really wanted was some way to continue to participate in the activities she loved. Spartan races began to take their toll on her feet and weightlifting, once a love, became difficult with stiffness from lack of flexibility. Even swimming became a challenge when too much emphasis was placed on stroke over kick. So, she broke down what needed work and began searching for a program that focused more on basic mobility and flexibility. What popped up was the idea of functional fitness. Combining daily movements with fitness techniques proved to be her new trail to keeping her body flexible and nimble enough to return to the activities she loves. She brings a love of movement and an understanding of how the body’s necessary movements can be retained.

Mind & Muscle Medicine is excited to bring you some NEW classes to our Mindfulness Classroom! Functional Therapy Classes include:-Functional Stretching Class; Foam Rolling Class; and Functional Movement Class

Juli Connolly brings her passion & expertise to her classes! Aiming to guide & teach you how to solidify your basic human abilities for a life of function & mobility!