Rachel Scutt with Mind & Muscle Medicine, LLC provides Nutrition and Exercise programming designed completely for each individual! The unique formula used by Rachel combines her knowledge and experience of both an exercise science education, medical massage therapy & her own physical training background.  Every body is designed uniquely and so a fitness program needs to be designed to compliment the individual, the individual’s lifestyle including work and family along with their current abilities with an aim to get to a realistic and achievable goal.  No matter what you seek out Rachel will help you get there and be alongside you through out the entire process!  Nutritional support and education guidance throughout no matter what your life demands, sport specific planning, special nutritional planning for overall health or goal specific focus, food allergies, health related concerns, eating disorders, etc. no matter what your life demands or what you prefer she can help you! Exercise programs are designed for any lifestyle, whether you attend a gym or fitness studio or just want to work out at home with what you have! Equipment or no equipment Rachel will show you just how obtainable your goal can be given what you have to work with!

Program Rates:

21-day program - $100
This is a great jump start program giving
you a basic nutrition plan and exercise program to get you started into
a healthy routine! This is great if your needing just a simple jump start into a healthier lifestyle and don’t know where to start!
6-20 week programs - $210-$700
This program is designed to
get you to whatever goal you seek! Trying to get in shape for a
reunion, wedding, vacation, get healthier for surgical procedure, or
just need help exceling in your sport! Gain strength! Decrease Body Fat!
Get healthy and be proud of your body! Bodybuilding competition prep or guidance is available but is limited to only so many clients at a time, so contact Rachel to see if she is currently accepting clients for this sport!
Nutritional Support - $50/ month
This plan is a
simple nutrition program designed to compliment your training program
that you are currently doing. So, if you feel confident in your work
outs and exercise but just struggle with the nutritional aspects this
program is for you!
Exercise Plans - $50/ month
This plan is
designed to take your exercise and fitness regimen to that next level!
If you feel your happy with your diet but need a good program to help
you get to that next phase in or outside the gym this is the plan for
Rachel’s own personal transformation & experience through fitness! If anyone understands the process, the struggles, being a wife and working mom, she understands what it takes to achieve a goal and can show you too just how to transform your own life to live healthier and stronger!

One-on-One Training COMING SOON!!!