I have had trouble with arthritis and old age, but the CBD-Infused Massage has changed my life… the lasting effect was incredible!” – Marge, CO

Best Massage I have had. Rachel always listens & addresses the problem areas. She uses just the right amount of pressure.” – Katie, CO

Rachel goes above and beyond all expectations. She took the time to make a strong personal connection with me developing comfort and trust. I feel refreshed and remarkable after every session. Thank you Rachel!” – Wendy, CO

Rachel is the best massage therapist I’ve ever been to. She intuitively is able to pinpoint areas of tension and strain & works through the areas effectively. My ability to have fun with my children and stress level at work has dramatically improved by seeing Rachel on a regular basis. I would recommend Rachel to anyone for personal & physical well being.“-Kelly, CO

I came to Rachel experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain, at times during my work day as a 2nd grade teacher I could barely walk. Rachel listened to my pain descriptions, as well as my frustrations with not being able to sleep, and she immediately addressed them both! By my 3rd session, my muscles were beginning to really respond to the work she was doing. After coming to see her every 2 weeks for almost 3 months, I am feeling so much better! Now I can go almost 3 weeks between visists, I’m sleeping through the night, and my body feels better all over. Rachel is amazing!“-Mary, CO

Massage has complimented & affirmed what I was working on emotionally and spiritually. Massage helped my physical body to heal and let go as my heart and mind were doing the same healing & letting go.” -Sherri, CO

Rachel is an amazing massage therapist. I have been to five star resorts and she equals or surpasses them. Her knowledge of how the muscles work assist in relieving my mind, muscles and everyday stresses. I would recommend her to anyone!“-Lisa, CO

Rachel has a wealth of knowledge and a therapeutic touch. She provides a calming environment enriched with aromatherapy that helps my mind to let go and relax with a focus on my personal well being. Her attention and intuitiveness to the needs of my muscles are exceptional. The overall experience is wonderful and I highly recommmed her to anyone and everyone.“-Diana, CO

Rachel is great! She does a wonderful job and is always good about asking what the problem is!“-Ginger, CO

Over 10 years ago I suffered a near fatal back injury, which left me paralyzed. After surgery and a miracle, I am walking again. But with much pain. Doctors have said I need more surgery to correct it. I almost said yes, the pain was so intense. Then I met Rachel, who has worked with me for the past few years. She has gradually restored my healing and my health. She is the best massage therapist ever and a warm & beautiful person.“-Paul,CO

If you are currently one of my clients and would love to share your story just email me what you’d like to say and I’d be happy to post it here on my website!