Mind & Muscle Medicine, LLC is a Medical Massage & Rehabilitation Clinic. Providing both Therapeutic Massage for Relaxation along with Injury Rehabilitation from any and all forms of trauma.  Pre-& Post-Surgical Treatment Programming designed to fully compliment your complete rehabilitation plan.  Treatment Plans for Preventive Health to help you maintain a strong and healthy life no matter what your currently lifestyle entails.  We welcome and treat any and all forms of chronic conditions, as we fully believe in living life to the fullest and if your battling any non-curable condition, we are ready to help you live as pain free and full of function as possible.  Along with medical based health conditions we also welcome and treat both Adult & Youth Athletics, designing our massage sessions to help you perform at your best and as always are tailored toward the specific phase of your sport or training program to aide in your athletic goals. Which will only allow for you to perform and function at the absolute best of your abilities and for as long as possible! Your success is just as important to us as it is to you!

Auto Accident & Workers Compensation Cases Accepted! Just email mindandmusclemedicine@gmail.com to find out how to get started towards gaining relief and care from your accident!

Every Massage Therapist in the office comes with passionate hands and hearts and a mind full of knowledge.  Each holds a very high level of professionalism and standards in the industry itself.  You want the best?  Well we are here to show you exactly that!

The clinic itself is located in a beautiful 1920’s Victorian House located near the beautiful downtown area here in Grand Junction, Colorado. The atmosphere here allows you to feel just as comfortable as you do in your own home, with the privacy and professional feel in all treatment rooms and in the waiting room. When you walk in you’ll feel welcomed and instantly comfortable!

Book today with any of our amazing Therapists to experience a massage session like no other! Online scheduling is available 24/7 and you can personally select the therapist of your choice or just pick the date and time that works best for you and we’ll be ready to see you!

Here at Mind & Muscle Medicine, LLC we understand and respect the severity of the COVID-19 Virus and health risks associated along with it! We are doing our part to ensure everyone’s safety as we move forward!

In our office we have thoroughly sanitized and have put in place some safety measures to ensure that you are completely safe and well when you come in for an appointment! Due to the very nature of our industry sanitation and cleanliness is always a priority, so moving forward we are only increasing our protocols and adding in more things to ensure your safety and well-being!

We ask that if you have had any of the following that you plan to hold off from receiving any massage therapy treatments until you are healthy & safe:

+ Have had contact with anyone who was diagnosed with COVID-19 or who had coronavirus-type symptoms within the last 14 days.

+ Have or have had a fever of 100 degrees or above with in the last 24 hours.

+ If you have or have had recently any respiratory flu like symptoms, sore throat, or shortness of breath.

+ If you are considered high risk, immune compromised, recently traveled out of the country or Mesa County itself.

This is only to help keep everyone safer in times like this!

If you have any questions or want to know more information about what we are doing here I ask that you contact owner Rachel Scutt at 719-505-5209 or email mindandmusclemedicine@gmail.com and she’ll be happy to give you a the whole breakdown of what we are doing here in the office!

Services & Rates

The following rates & packages are available to meet your specific health needs:

Single Massage Sessions:

30min 'Problem Specific' - $40
This 30 minute single session allows for a very problem specific session. These are great for those times when you just need a little extra focus to an area that was previously worked, or in the event of an acute trauma or injury. This is also great for those on a tight budget! It’s actually more beneficial to be treated for 30min once a month then to wait 6months or more to be treated for an hour…

60min Therapeutic Massage $70
A therapeutic massage offers a one hour of pure relaxation! For those times when you don’t have any specific pain or discomfort but just need a good relaxing session. Perfect for those times when you’ve been overwhelmed by emotions or stress and just need to escape the world for a moment… In this session clients will receive a one hour session coupled with the use of essential oils and a hot towel over the feet…this is the most relaxing session you’ll ever experience!

60min Sports Massage $70
A sports massage is designed to be a very sport specific session. In this session my goal will be to help you achieve your goals! Whether your recovering from a sport related injury or just need some muscles released to allow you to perform at the best you can this session is for you!!! In this session I will incorporate various massage techniques along with some PNF Stretching allowing you to feel absolutely amazing! As an athlete myself I understand the desire to perform & train the best that you can, so I will be ready to help you get to your goals!

90min Extended Massage $100
In this extended session you will receive a very detailed massage that will allow me to focus on the areas in which your body is needing it most! These are great for those individuals that feel that an hour just isn’t long enough! Most Bodybuilders need at least 90min or more to allow for enough time to really release all those extra muscle fibers you’ve added in the gym!

2hr Ultimate Massage $140
A 2hr session is my most detailed massage session available! In this session I am able to really get every muscle released! These are great for my big bodybuilders and football players! The more muscles you have the more time I need to get you feeling amazing! These are also a great treat for anyone that is just looking for a complete body overhaul from head to toe! If you have never had a 2hr session before you are in for a treat!

Medical & Prenatal Sessions

30min Post COVID Relief Session $50
The Post COVID Relief Session is a very specific session tailored to resetting your body & respiratory muscles following over coming this terrible virus! In order to receive this session you must have gone through a complete isolation & be fully through your quarantine & no longer positive and been given the full authorization by their physician to return to normal routine again. If you have any questions regarding the techniques used in this session please feel free to contact Rachel 719-505-5209 for more information!

30min Trauma Touch Recovery Massage Session $50
A Trauma Touch Recovery Session is designed specifically for individuals under current or previously guided counseling care. This session is aimed at helping you re connect and gain a healthy relationship to human touch following any traumatic life event. This is ideal for anyone who has been victimized by abuse, sexual abuse, assault, sexual assault, PTSD, medical procedures, injuries, or any other specific traumatic experience. In this 30min session you can start down a path of healing & connecting to yourself through a healthier relationship and boundary to healthy physical touch at a pace that compliments your current mental recovery goals.

60min Trauma Touch Recovery Massage Session $80
A Trauma Touch Recovery Massage Session is designed specifically for individuals under current or previously guided counseling care. This session is aimed at helping you reconnect and gain a healthy relationship to human touch following any traumatic life event. This is ideal for anyone who has been victimized by abuse, sexual abuse, assault, sexual assault, PTSD, medical procedures, injuries, or any other specific traumatic experience. In this 60min session you can continue with more time than the 30min session to heal and connect to yourself through a healthy physical touch at a pace that compliments your current mental recovery goals.

60min Medical Massage $80
A medical massage is a very problem specific style of massage. This session will incorporate the use of various stretching techniques along with Neuromuscular Re-education to any imbalances that you may have in your muscle firing pattern! In this session we will have a good hour to focus on all the areas of your body that you wish to focus on or that seem to be the most problematic! Whether it’s a good detailed upper/lower body session, I will make sure you walk out feeling absolutely amazing!

60min Prenatal Massage $70
This Prenatal Massage is perfect for that mom to be! Pregnancy can be very hard on the female body so helping them relax really aids in a healthy pregnancy & eases labor & delivery! There really is no better way in helping them feel as comfortable as possible!

90min Prenatal Massage $100
A 90 min massage offers the mother to be that extra long prenatal massage guaranteed to make her feel absolutely amazing from head to toe!

Specialized Massage Sessions ONLY with Rachael Hagen!

These are specialized services provided by Rachael Hagen only! An Eastern Medicine modality that is truly incredible!

90min Ashiatsu Massage $100
Experience an Eastern Medicine Massage where the incredible Rachael Hagen massages you with her feet! This is a deep tissue experience that is amazing and healing in so many ways! Enjoy this session at the intro rate of $100! Price will go up, however signing up for it during the intro phase will allow you to get locked in at this special rate!

Specialized Treatments ONLY available Kaycee Woolsey!

These unique sessions are only performed only by our amazing and talented Kaycee! She looks forward to helping you feel amazing!

60min Gua Sha Massage $80
A 60min Gua Sha Massage is a very amazing hour long experience utilizing the beautiful Jade Gua Sha Stone! Kaycee will bring her passion driven hands and give you an amazing relaxing treatment while promoting blood flow and stimulating circulation in a beautiful facial experience! This stone can also be used in problematic areas to help you get that much needed relief!

90min Gua Sha Massage $110
Gua Sha Massage session is a beautiful and unique experience. In this session you will receive a full body swedish massage along with the added experience of having a facial! This session our amazing therapist Kaycee will implement the beautiful Jade Gua Sha Scrapping tool that can help clear fluids, improve circulation and metabolism, promote cell turnover for brighter, healthier and rejuvenated skin. The jade stone will not leave you with any hurt scratches or damage your skin, it truly utilizes the smooth edges with combined pressure to deliver a deep stimulation to the surface allowing and promoting blood flow and movement of fluids beneath the surface. Kaycee will use this along with her great skin care product and passion driven hands to help you feel & look amazing!

Reflexology Treatments

These sessions are designed to give you the ultimate experience that will supersede any expectation! If you love to get pedicures but often find yourself disappointed by the experience or rushed through, well in this session you get massage experienced hands to treat your feet and hands while still leaving your feet feeling absolutely amazing! Pick from any of these session options!

Classic Reflexology Treatment $50
A classic reflexology treatment includes your choice of essential oil infused salts to add to your foot soak where you’ll enjoy this soak for 15min while we massage your hands and forearms. After your soak we then will massage and treat your tired feet! This session is a heavenly delight following a long day on your feet and an opportunity to unwind and relax on our beautiful front porch in downtown Grand Junction!

CBD Infused Reflexology Treatment $80
Our CBD Reflexology Treatment gives you the same amazing experience as you find in our classic reflexology treatment. The only difference is in this session you’ll have 2 different CBD scented salt soak to choose from to soak your tired and achy feet in. We then using CBD infused lotion will massage both your hands and forearms while your feet soak, then using the same CBD infused lotion we will then massage your feet to top off the session! This session is truly ideal for anyone suffering from plantar fascitis or arthritis!

CBD Massage Sessions

60min CBD Infused Massage $90
A 60min CBD Infused Massage is a total relaxation & healing session. With the amazing healing benefits of CBD coupled with the amazing benefits of massage you’ll find yourself feeling even more relaxed along with no pain & soreness and even more decreased inflammation to both your muscles & joints! This truly is an experience like no other!

90min CBD Infused Massage $120
A 90min CBD Infused Massage is a total relaxation & healing session. With the amazing healing benefits of CBD coupled with the amazing benefits of massage you’ll find yourself feeling even more relaxed along with no pain & soreness and even more decreased inflammation to both your muscles & joints. This truly is an experience like no other!

90min CBD Hot Stone Massage $130
A 90min CBD Infused Hot Stone Massage is just like the CBD Infused Massage but with the added relaxation & application of heat with the use of Hot Stones!

Hot Stone & Cupping Sessions

60min Hot Stone Massage $80
A hot stone massage uses polished lava rocks to allow for a deep level of heat to penetrate your muscles. While these amazing stones are stimulating specific points on your body I then use additional rocks to massage the rest of your body to allow for an unbelievable level of relaxation & release of tension. This is one experience that is very different then your typical massage but is really relaxing!

90min Hot Stone Massage $110
Just like the 60min hot stone this session is designed to relax you with the amazing polished lava rocks holding a heat that will just melt your muscles like a warm knife on butter. The neat thing about this session is you get 90min instead of the 60min! That extra time allows for more muscles to get completely relaxed. This seriously feels like heaven on Earth!

60min Cupping Therapy Massage $80
Cupping Therapy is a Chinese Medicine modality geared toward providing blood flow & a deep myofascial release to areas that are restricted & creating limitations to range of motion. Just as massage releases tension through pressure that is applied down onto the body cupping therapy allows for a release by pulling the tissues up from the body! This type of therapy is absolutely amazing and can create huge releases to anyone! Athletes this type of release will open up areas of restrictions that will take your training to a whole new level!

90min Cupping Therapy Massage $110
In this session we take the same approach as we do in the 60min Cupping Therapy Massage only extending the overall length of the session! This allows for more time to areas that are truly needing extra attention!

Classes & Events

Functional Movement Series Class $10
Juli Connolly brings to you a class like no other! Come learn and experience all the amazing ways to Foam Roll and gain that beautiful Myofascial Release! Bring your foam roller and be ready for a unique & amazing class!

Functional Movement Class $10
Juli Connolly brings you a class like no other! Functional Movement is essential motor skills needed for everyday living! This is ideal for anyone recovering from trauma, suffering from any medical condition that deals with decreased muscle strength & stability or for any athlete that needs to perfect the basics of everyday movements! Come learn and experience a class that will leave you functioning at your full potential!

Functional Stretching Class $10
The Functional Stretching Class provides you with a detailed session of learning to stretch your body in ways you never knew or experienced before! Juli Connolly shares her knowledge and passion for mobility by teaching you how to really stretch your body!

Health & Fitness Consultations

30min Transformation Program Consultation Free
This appointment is designed to discuss what your heath goals are & to learn exactly how my approach through nutrition & exercise can help get you there!


Same Room Sessions are available by request! Email mindandmusclemedicine@gmail.com to set this up!

2pk. 60min – $110 ($55 ea.)
2pk. 90min – $170 ($85 ea.)
5pk. 60min – $250 ($50 ea.)
5pk. 90min – $375 ($75 ea.)

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Each month can vary in demand so if you don’t see a time that works for you I encourage you to definitely set up the earliest time available with any of the therapists and then email mindandmusclemedicine@gmail.com to be added to the cancelation wait list and we may be able to get you in sooner!  Don’t hold off and hope to get in case you will find yourself waiting even longer!

Keep in mind the online scheduling system does allow for booking to be set up for future appointments up to 6 months at a time! So if you have a specific time you love getting in definitely jump on & map yourself out!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Are you interested in information or programming for health and fitness? Rachel Scutt provides various options to help you reach your goals! Read more here.

Email mindandmusclemedicine@gmail.com for more information!

Hours of Availability

Mind & Muscle Medicine is available 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week. However, you must book an appointment as we do not take walk ins! Click the tab below to access the online scheduling system and book your appointment today!

Cancellation Policy
We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In our desire to be effective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honored:

24 hour advance notice is required when cancelling an appointment. This allows for the therapist to be prepared for the changes along with giving the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to give us 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full amount of your appointment. This charge will come via an invoice which must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment.

Just as things can occur in your world that prevents you from coming in the same situation can also occur with any of the therapists on hand. However, 24 hour notice will be provided to you along with alternative options to get you in!

We definitely look forward to seeing you and treating you with our passion driven hands!


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